Relay for Life Sky Lantern
- Relay 4 Life

Relay for Life Sky Lantern

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Category: ECO String - NO wire

Printed on 2 sides

String holding fuel patch instead of wire

- They Fly the same, light the same, but better around farm land and or for large events.

This is our basic most popular size Sky Lantern sold worldwide
How tall: 34" (About waist high)
...and easy enough for 1 person to light.

Lantern Specs
• Lantern made with Premium Paper - Complete with Fuel Cell
• Fire Resistant Paper
• Fuel Patch is non drip Rectangular type, (made with Cloth, Wax and Paper Mixture)
• 34" High x 15" (base) ~ 24" (mid section)
• Packed 1pc per poly bag

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