History of Sky Lanterns

We are proud to carry on this 1,800 year Chinese tradition with our innovative new fire-retardant paper!

Invented in China by Zhu Ge Liang (181~234AD) and used to transport messages during civil unrest (...made a Confucian Saint in 1724)

Used in Asia to bring good luck.

Mid-2000's Sky Lanterns appear in Europe. However, large falling blobs of burning wax dripped from the Thai lanterns and liquid spirits or toxic fuels from the Chinese lanterns occasionally created dangerous situations. Lanterns were pricy too. MH manufacturing was commissioned to design a better lantern for a fair price.

TnT Sales solved the fuel problems. Also lantern costs decreased as we set fair factory direct pricing.
The low drip fuel source was a break-through and continues today.

However, testing was still dangerous due to the flammability of regular paper. Something more needed to be done. We began to test various fire retardant papers with various designs to reach different volume to weight ratios. The right ratios combined with the right amount of heat resulted in the invention of the Original Fire-Retardant Sky Lantern.
It obtained excellent height, glowed bright and would not start on fire.

In early 2006 we launched our Original Fire Retardant Sky Lantern invention and the industry was changed forever, or so we thought.
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