1) Swing lantern in the air while holding the bamboo ring to fill with air. The lantern must be fully extended once before lighting.
Instructions on lighting a sky lantern
2) Hold the lantern upright, (no creases or folding over) and have a helper light the fuel patch,
OR hold sideways, light patch, flip & fluff over quickly when fuel patch is burning pretty good.
Instructions on lighting a sky lantern
3) Allow the lantern to heat up (30~90 seconds, depending on temperature and humidity),
...hold it with two hands (1 on the top or side, and the other holding the base ring),
...ensure it stays upright and fills completely with hot air.
...keep low if wind is a little gusty so wind does not blow out hot air.
Instructions on lighting a sky lantern
4) When the lantern is ready to fly it will want to start to float and sides will be hot to touch (45~90 seconds depending on how well the fuel patch is lit).
==> If obstacles around you, wait a few seconds longer for it to get more hot air lift.
...Simply Release, ...Stand Back ...and Enjoy.
Instructions on lighting a sky lantern
5) Sky Lantern will rise until the flame and heat are exhausted and slowly descend.
Soars High & travels with the wind!


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