Legal Info on Sky Lanterns

Legal Information on Importing Sky Lanterns and Picture Copyright Material

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CopyRight on pictures and printed material

Please note the we regually monitor where are pictures are going and utilize up to date technology for tracking downloads. All pictures are for use by TnT & MH Importers and distributors. Before using our pictures, please contact us 1st for permission.

The Law

By law, Importers are expected to use ‘due diligence’ to ensure the product they import is free of copy-right and patent infringement.

We actively monitor and pursue all infractions here in China to ensure our reputation is not tarnished. As well we must protect our current customer base from black market products. Like always, buyer beware, as your shipment might be seized at customs due to copyright or patent infringement.

Importers are also expected use due diligence to ensure your products are of good quality, and do not pose unreasonable danger to the end users.

Situation In China

Increasingly, Chinese companies are copying entire websites, using our copyright pictures, linking to our patented lanterns, linking to our current customer base pretending they are the supplier, using our packaging on B2B websites to pretend they are the manufacturers of the MH lanterns and masquerading as legitimate companies.

Most of the Chinese offenders are coming from Zhejiang & Hunan provinces in China. A growing number of other companies are pretending to be us, offering inferior products masked with our packaging. (Road from Zhejiang & Carson from Hunan are #1 offenders & a Fujian Co. is also guilty, just caught today).

All deals processed by MH Manufacturing follow INCOTERMS, the standard terms for Western Business. All products imported from China are backed by our US company TnT Sales with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are in no way affiliated with these companies and these black market products will continue to be monitored and seized at port of entry in the destination country. There are no Chinese companies licensed to offer our products. (We do not deal with mainland trading companies).

Please note the letters being sent to fireworks operators, wholesale distributors as well as the listings on B2B websites worldwide (with our copyright pictures and script) are not in anyway affiliated with TnT Sales & Distributing, Soho Distribution, MH Manufacturing, QY or Pet Your Pet Inc.

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