TnT Sales / Sky Lanterns

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1. Adding extra fuel to make them burn longer or go higher.
2. Are Foldable lanterns as good as regular lanterns?
3. Are they legal?
4. Bad fuel cells
5. Can I fly them in windy conditions?
6. Can I get a Full Refund ?
7. Can I use them at local events?
8. Can the Sky Lanterns be anchored, say with a fire resistant cord so they can’t float astray?
9. Can we use at Weddings?
10. Can you bring on an airplane?
11. Can you make a kite Sky Lantern?
12. Can you put Company Logo on. What is min order?
13. How far will they fly?
14. How high will they go?
15. How long do they fly?
16. How to prep them for a party?
17. Instructions for Flying Sky Lanterns
18. Return Policy
19. Stadium and indoor events.
20. Watch video on a simple way to light a sky lantern.
21. What colors are available?
22. What is perfect weather conditions?
23. What will happen if they get stuck in a tree?
24. Will they fly in cold weather?
25. Will they fly in HOT and humid weather?
26. Will they fly in hot weather?
27. Re. Shooting Star Lanterns - How Long before they start to sparkler?

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