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Thousands of participants and guests gathered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Friday Sept 28th to launch a myriad of Chinese Sky Lanterns into the night sky as part of the annual ArtPrize competition.

The magical art installation, called Lights in the Sky GR, was designed by Mark Carpenter and Dan Johnson, who arranged the launch to take place near the Grand River at Ah-Nab-Awen Park and Gillett Bridge, MLive reported.

Now in its fourth year, ArtPrize invites artists from around the world to create a work of art that is placed in any of numerous public indoor and outdoor venues.

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Art Prize Vote code is 52910

Sky Lanterns Also know as Wish lantern Old or young, everyone loves Sky Lanterns (Khoom Fay). They are perfect for every event! Whether releasing one into the sky or a hundred at a time, they are amazing! The best part is knowing that anyone who witnesses the Sky Lanternís flight that do not exactly know what they are, assume that the Sky Lanterns are a UFO or some other phenomenon.

Sky Lanterns (also known as UFO Balloons or Khoom Fay) have been an Asian tradition for hundreds of years, the trend has spread to the UK & the rest of Europe, and now the Sky Lanterns have come to America. Sky Lanterns are a great replacement for balloons and other traditional decorations and add an element excitement. They are perfect for Weddings, Cookouts, BBQ's, Birthday Parties, Festivals, Sky Lanterns Also know as Khoom Fay and UFO Balloons Fairs or anything else you can think of where you want to put on an impressive, yet uncommon display.

Sky Lanterns are hand crafted from fire retardant, fire proof paper. Sky Lanterns (Khoom Fay) purchased from this site will not catch on fire like most will. Common rice paper burns with ease and you end up wasting half of your Sky Lanterns. With these fire resistant Sky Lanterns you do not have to worry about that anymore. Do Not buy the cheap imitations from other companies, these are the best around!

Sky Lanterns (Khoom Fay), or as some call them UFO Balloons will fly up to one mile high, and travel for miles in whatever direction the wind decides. Sky Lanterns run until the fuel source dies out and they gently float to the ground. They are very easy to light, easy to use, and there is no assembly required. Sky Lanterns are made from organic materials and are biodegradable so there are no worries for the environment.

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Do they work in the winter...?   Why yes they do... not recommended to let go in wet snow, but some people do, and with good results.  So don't let the cold weather put you off in celebrating an occasion.   All year round fun.

Sky Lanterns in Winter

Sky Lanterns in Winter

Sky Lanterns in Winter

Sky Lanterns in Winter

Sky Lanterns in Winter

Sky Lanterns in Winter

Sky Lanterns in Winter

Sky Lanterns in Winter

From the Kids Movie "Tangled"

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